On the list of Old White Dudes' nightmares, the President of the United States and arguably the best golf player ever both being black, spending too much time on vacation and leisurely playing a round of golf at an exclusive club, betrayed by one of their own, has got to just be the worst, right?

A passionate golfer, Obama is on a boys' weekend in Florida with friends, staying at a hotel in Port St. Lucie and playing golf at the Floridian, a private course owned by businessman and Houston Astros owner Jim Crane. In addition to playing with Woods, Obama also got a golf lesson from Woods's former swing coach Butch Harmon, and played some holes with Harmon.

A million golf tees suddenly snapped in their owners' hands.

If it makes the Old White Guy crowd feel any better, the picture above was taken in 2009. Look how young they both look! Being President and embroiled in a tawdry sex scandal really ages you.

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