For Sale: Native-Made Washington "Foreskins" Logo

Members of the Native American comedy troupe the 1491s were not able to make it to Zuni, New Mexico for the No-Drunks-Allowed Native American Craft Fair, Sponsored By The Washington Redskins today, so they asked for a little help getting the word out on their contribution. It's lovely; I would buy this in shirt form. Hopefully Dan Snyder wants to proudly display the support of real, live Native Americans with a tasteful uncircumcised-penis logo, too.

You can read about the event below in our original post, but the Cliff's Notes version is: Snyder's OAF organization went to Zuni today from 12-5 p.m. for a craft fair with designs on buying favor from Natives and reprieve from public outcry. They would buy Native art, but "preference" would be given to art that featured the Washington logo and team colors. The governor's office also asked that anyone participating not show up drunk and/or stoned. It sounds like the kind of event organized by an uncircumcised penis.

As far as we can tell, this covers all the bases. It was made by Native Americans, it features Washington's logo and colors, and they were not drunk in the presence of Dan Snyder.


Wanted: Native Art With Redskins Logo And Colors; Drunks Need Not Apply

Dan Snyder's foundation "to provide meaningful and measurable resources that provide genuine opportunities for Tribal communities," named OAF, is visiting Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico next week. OAF is looking to give the Zuni people a genuine opportunity to sell original artwork with the Redskins logo and burgundy-and-gold-colored wares. If you have anything to sell, head on down to the Tribal Conference Center this Monday from noon to five. All anyone asks is that you do not show up drunk.

The Zuni Pueblo's governor's office announced the event in a letter posted to its Facebook page. In the last line, the letter asks that people not show up drunk or stoned. "Be respectful," the letter directs. Here is the full letter:

People on Zuni Pueblo's Facebook page are obviously upset—when was the last time your local art fair asked the artists not to show up drunk?—and there are levels to this thing. Do you want to sell some of your art? Well, you better include a slur against yourself if you want some cash. Oh, also don't be drunk. Sell your racist-stereotype crafts, people of Zuni; just don't be one yourself.

One response to the Facebook post put a neat bow on all of it.

I am tired of people claiming that there are bigger issues in Native America. Are we all so blind that we cannot see that everything is connected? We are in the positions we are in because no one in the external world views us as real human beings who deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. And guess what? Part of that problem is letting them go on pretending that we are either drunks, noble savages or mascots.


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