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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Washed-Up Ronaldinho Turns Back The Clock, Performs Best Dive Of Career

In most ways that matter, Brazilian legend Ronaldinho doesn’t have it anymore. He’s 35, chubby, and besides brief, ephemeral moments of inspiration, has neither the talent nor inclination to dazzle fans on the soccer pitch the way he used to.


In another sense, Ronaldinho is still at his best. While Querétaro fans in Mexico might be less-than-pleased with his sporting output, apparently the man they call “Robberdinho” (for stealing their club’s money without living up to his salary) still manages to hit the club scene at night with as much tenacity as ever. And even on the field, as was the case this weekend, he does have the ability to muster maybe the finest dive of his career.

With a defender too far away to even smell the tequila on his breath, Ronaldinho nudged the ball out in front of him and leapt for the grass, tricking no one (and earning himself a justly-deserved yellow) yet still impressing us with his drive to reach new highs—or lows—in one of the great soccer careers we’ve ever seen.


Ronaldinho isn’t good anymore, yet there he is, taking to the pitch every week or so—you know, when his coach hasn’t dropped him—and trying to do something he’s never done before. To that we say bravo.

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