Watch Eli Manning Caress Chris Mortensen's Head

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Peyton Manning is working out with Wes Welker at Duke University, which is the second-whitest sentence ever written. (The first is "The Masters starts today.")

Peyton, as he did last year, is throwing to Broncos receivers under the watchful eye of David Cutcliffe, his OC at Tennessee and Eli Manning's coach at Mississippi. So Eli came along this time around, along with some of his Giants targets. But the real fun only starts when those wacky Manning boys get together.

Check ESPN's video here, where Chris Mortensen takes turns asking questions to the Mannings. Peyton, naturally, gets the bulk of the attention, and Eli gets bored. Around the 2:50 mark, Peyton starts cracking up as he's answering—ESPN's camera doesn't catch it, but Eli's either making faces or messing with Mort. A few seconds later—definitely messing with Mort.


H/t Ross