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Week In Deadspin: Mexican Bike Cops

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• What will life be like without "ESPN Hollywood"? Oh, Mario, how doth thou forsake thee?
• Right now, even the living members of Skynyrd are rolling over in their graves.
Ron Mexico Returns!
• "Aw, man, would you trade keeping this guy alive for Vanderjagt missing this kick? I think I probably would."
• Saying goodbye to the phat rhymes of Lil' Ronnie.
• What happens when pitchers end up weighing their ERAs.
This is why everyone in Kendra Davis' section of the stands is listening to their iPods.
• Keep A-Rod away from the Cubans!
Poll results aside, we suspect Bill Simmons is walking the streets of L.A. like Peter Lorre in M right now. And we're aware we sounded like Dennis Miller right there, and we apologize.


That'll do it for us until Monday. Make sure to come back all weekend to play with The Mighty MJD, who will be taking you through some hot, nekkid playoff action. We're going to be trying to grow our playoff beard. Be safe out there.

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