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Week In Deadspin: We're Not Getting A Ride From Bowden

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• You know, it was just not a very good week for Jim Bowden.
• The Devil Rays love the More Cowbell, for better or worse.
• Hey, we should totally vote this guy for the Heisman.
• It's already good to be Greg Oden.
• Moe Williams' totally worthwhile trial concluded.
• We felt a strange, new emotion watching Barry Bonds play in person: Sadness.
• Randy Johnson, Tony Kornheiser, Wilile McGee and John Clayton: UGLY.
• We get those runs, RUNS!
Free flight tickets! Political maneuvering!
• Oh, man, should you ever listen to this Clinton Portis interview.
• Gorsh, we sure did have a lot of fun with scoreboard races.


Not that it hasn't been fun to live on Pacific time at night and Eastern time in the morning every day, but, well, we're glad this week is over. Everyone enjoy the playoffs and The Mighty MJD this weekend. If you're somewhere in between Los Angeles and Ohio, look for our plane; it'll be the one with the guy trying to paint a Buzzsaw logo on the side. See you Monday.

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