Linebacker Brandon Spikes left the Patriots after four seasons to sign with the Buffalo Bills. New England didn't seem to want him back, and the parting seemed amicable. But that won't stop some Patriots fans from overreacting when Spikes talked about beating the Patriots today in the most boring way.

How dare Spikes talk about winning games with the Bills? Patriots Nation knows that from now on, the Bills can only go 14-2 at best. They must surrender both games to the Pats, as they have a former disciple of the Patriot Way on their roster. It's in the rulebook of respect! All the Pats need is a deep threat! Tom Brady's no longer clutch!


Really though, Pats fans actually got mad at Spikes's ESPN-safe trash talk, and none of them consulted the guide to tweeting athletes:

Spikes kept going from there.

Some threw around the word "thug," and Spikes knew what that meant.

The Bills have defeated the Patriots once since Dec. 27, 2003, but that's not the point. Today was an accurate reminder that some Patriots fans aren't satisfied with an excellent team. They must make clear to all that no one who leaves their team is doing so because, say, Bill Belichick has a real knack for releasing or trading players just before they decline. No, any former Patriot is, by definition, a traitor and a washout who couldn't handle the Patriot Way.


These fans—who are all about #class and remembering who let you get that second big pay day, buddy—can always be relied on to sprinkle some dirt on a player as he's carried out of Foxboro, because he wasn't even that good anyway. A player's career ends with the Patriots; if he has the gall to sign with another team, he might as well be dead.