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Western Conference Playoff Pants Party!

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Ah, now down to the nit and the grit. The Western Conference, in our view, has a No. 8 seed that could be a legitimate Finals candidate in the East, and oh how fun would it be to see Artest in Detroit in the playoffs. Deep all around, with even Kobe and the 11 guys from rec league scaring people, we can't imagine missing a single game.

Here's a look at views from around the Web on the four Western Conference matchups.


Spurs vs. Kings
Bill Simmons: Spurs in seven.
Daily Quickie: Spurs in six.
YAYSports!: Spurs in six.
J.E. Skeets: Spurs in six.
Gilbert's Arena: Spurs in seven.
Complete Sports: Spurs in five.
Chris Sheridan: Spurs in five.
• Deadspin: Spurs in five.

Suns vs. Lakers
Bill Simmons: Lakers in six.
Daily Quickie: Suns in five.
YAYSports!: Suns in seven.
J.E. Skeets: Suns in five.
Gilbert's Arena: Suns in five.
Complete Sports: Lakers in seven.
Chris Sheridan: Suns in seven.
• Deadspin: Lakers in seven.

Nuggets vs. Clippers
Bill Simmons: Clippers in six.
Daily Quickie: Clippers in seven.
YAYSports!: Clippers in seven.
J.E. Skeets: Clippers in six.
Gilbert's Arena: Clippers in six.
Complete Sports: Nuggets in six.
Chris Sheridan: Clippers in seven.
• Deadspin: Nuggets in seven.

Mavericks vs. Grizzlies
Bill Simmons: Mavericks in four.
Daily Quickie: Mavericks in five.
YAYSports!: Mavericks in five.
J.E. Skeets: Mavericks in five.
Gilbert's Arena: Mavericks in four.
Complete Sports: Mavericks in six.
Chris Sheridan: Mavericks in six.
• Deadspin: Mavericks in four.


OK, bring it people. Let's hear 'em.

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