Starting at noon Eastern, Argentina play Nigeria and Iran play Bosnia-Herzegovina in the final matches of Group F. Here's a chart showing all the paths to qualification still possible in this group.

TeamPointsGoal DifferentialGoals ForGoals Against

The situation here is pretty simple. Argentina are already through and Bosnia-Herzegovina are out. Both Nigeria and Iran still have a shot at getting into the next round, with Nigeria having the advantage.


The only way Nigeria don't make it through is if Iran beat Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Nigerians lose to Argentina. In any other scenario, they make it in.



Likewise, the only way Iran get through is if they beat Bosnia-Herzegovina and Nigeria lose. There is a chance, though, that if Nigeria lose 1-0 and Iran win 1-0, the two teams would be tied on goal difference and goals for, and since they drew their head-to-head matchup, lots would be drawn to determine who gets through.

Below, you'll find similar charts for the advancement scenarios in all the World Cup groups.


Chart by Reuben Fischer-Baum