What The Hell, Japan?

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All sorts of people throw out first pitches before baseball games. Old guys, dinosaurs, washed rappers—you name it, they’ve done it. But this week, Nippon Professional Baseball—ever the innovators—went and put every quirky MLB first pitch into the toilet with this bizarre, unsettling play-within-a-play first pitch faceoff between Sadako from The Ring and Kayako from The Grudge.

Sadako tried to sneak a 96 km/h pitch high in the strike zone, but Kayako chopped it out into left field for a single, with some pinch-running help from her son, Toshio.

This demonic hardball faceoff was a promo for an upcoming movie in which the two characters presumably try to kill the shit out of each other. I’m here for this. If NPB starts taking requests, I’d be into a baseball-themed re-enactment of that scene in Battle Royale where [SPOILER] murders [SPOILER] with a [SPOILER].