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What Would Female Romanowskis Be Like?

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If Arena Football isn't satiating you enough, take heart, football fans: Tomorrow the sixth season of the National Women's Football Association kicks off. We swear this is true: An old roommate of ours once went out with a women's football player, and he said she was gorgeous, funny and capable of crushing his trachea. Sounds great to us!

Cincinnati Sports has a preview of the upcoming season, including his own hometown Cincinnati Sizzle. And who, you might ask, is the coach of the Sizzle? Why ... Ickey Woods, of course! Tickets are cheap, too; five bucks for the games, played at La Salle High School.


They also point us to the official Web site for — and this is their real team name — the Kentucky Karma. It's worth checking out as well. And hey ... we're gonna be in the home of the Columbus Comets real soon. We think we've gotta be there. We think we have no choice.

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National Women's Football Association

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