Nazi Insults Spike On Twitter When Germany Plays Other Teams, Too

Looks about right.

Boris Adryan ran the same Twitter scrape as us for today's Germany-Algeria match, and found more or less the same thing.

(FWIW, a well-actually from Reuben: On the same scale as the original, which can read in full below, the trend would be the same, but less pronounced.)

[Boris Adryan]

When Did Nazi Insults Spike On Twitter During USA-Germany?

Twitter users were already throwing around the word "Nazi" plenty before Germany-U.S. kicked off, but how about during the game? To find out, from 11:35 a.m. to 2:03 p.m. we recorded tweets and retweets that contained the word "Nazi" or "Nazis" (not case sensitive). We pulled 30,209 in total, or 3.4 "Nazi"s per second.

The chart above shows when these tweets occurred, broken into 15-second bins. There's definitely some baseline "Nazi" usage in here, and plenty of meta commentary, too, but the spike at Germany's goal—when "Nazi" topped 20 tweets per second—speaks for itself. Smaller spikes can be seen when Jones collided with the ref ...

... when Beckerman received a yellow ...


... after the ref raised his hand in a way somewhat similar to a Nazi salute ...

... and when the U.S., in the end, succumbed to the Germans:


Also of note: 3.1 percent of "Nazi" tweets contained "that coming," completing an excruciatingly dumb pun.

Thanks to computermacgyver, whose Github-hosted tweet scraper we used for this project.