As we do every year, we submitted a FOIA request to the FCC for all viewer complaints about the Super Bowl. What would this year bring? Anti-Coke bigots? Richard Sherman haters? Nah. But some folks were really upset about the Red Hot Chili Peppers' nipples.

The FCC received 53 complaints about Super Bowl XLVIII, though many were unrelated to the game itself—there were gripes about the volume of commercials, people's cable going out, and one poor sap's complaint that his property management company forced him to take down his satellite dish. (This is outside the purview of the FCC. This is actually the FCC's business!)

You can view all the indecency complaints in the PDF at the bottom of the page, along with the viewers' hometowns, which tend to tell much of the story.


Before that, take a look at some of our favorite—viewers mad about the sexualization of the halftime show and the commercials, the politicization of "commie" Bill O'Reilly's pregame interview with the President, and one jackass snitching on sites hosting illegal streams of the game.

FCC Super Bowl indecency complaints

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