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As we mentioned yesterday, we skipped the Red Sox-Yankees histrionics to see the Reds and Cardinals play in Cincinnati ... and for a Cardinals fan, it was pretty miserable. Bronson Arroyo continued to forget he's Bronson Arroyo โ€” hasn't anybody in Cincinnati distracted him with a groupie yet? โ€” and the Cardinals went down meekly, 6-1.

In the last six years, since we moved away from St. Louis and officially became an out-of-town fan, the Cardinals are 14-19 in games we've watched them, a pretty lousy record, considering they've made the playoffs five times since then. We keep detailed track of these things, and it's frustrating. It's hard enough to organize your schedule around when your team is visiting; winning is the least they can do, really.

No Problem, Mon [Cardinals Diaspora]