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Where A Joke Goes To Die

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Remember that brief moment when you thought you were the only one who knew about the genius of Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken's "SNL" sketch parodying "Behind The Music: Blue Oyster Cult." Or, as they say, the infamous "More Cowbell" sketch. It was hysterical, and then, suddenly, it was everywhere. (It seems like every fantasy league had that one guy who named his team that ... at least until Bill Simmons named his notes column after it.)

Well, be ready, folks, because the "More Cowbell" sketch is officially tipping into exhaustion: The Tampa Bay Devil Rays are hoping to make "More Cowbell" the next Rallly Monkey.

The short clip - a snippet of an April 8, 2000, Saturday Night Live skit that ranks among the show's funniest - made its way to the videoboard opening night, and soon will become a Tropicana Field staple, with plans to make it the Rays' version of the Angels' now-legendary Rally Monkey. ... "The clip is drop-dead funny," owner Stuart Sternberg said. "It gets funnier and funnier each time. We'll bring in other bits, but I'm hoping this one becomes our - and the fans' - signature."


In general, we would be supportive of a baseball owner being a fan of the "More Cowbell" sketch; it's difficult to imagine, say, Steinbrenner or Reinsdorf being into Will Ferrell. But this is the Devil Rays. It seems more likely than not that they will kill the sketch, along with the careers of Ferrell, Walken and pretty much anyone involved in comedy whatsoever.

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