Roundup: Your Best "Black Vs. White NFL Prospect" Word Searches

Last Friday we posted an interactive tool that let you compare how often different words were used for black and white NFL prospects. Our commenters—to use a term of art—Kinja'ed the shit out it. Below are our favorite finds left in the comments. A lot of these popped up a couple times, so apologies if you aren't credited.

Special mention to @earino and Stewart Prest, who both put together their own analyses using the dataset we made available on Github. Click here to see what you can find, or scroll down to the article at the bottom.


For Sweden:


Grandad da God:

Christopher Hapka:





Speaker to Manimals:

Speak to Manimals (again):

Someone on Twitter:



Tony Manfred:

Always Winning:

Still our favorite (caught by Billy):

Which Words Are Used To Describe White And Black NFL Prospects?

Do NFL scouts talk about white players and black players differently? Are certain words reserved for white players? Are others used primarily to describe black players?

Let's try and find out. We've pulled the text from pre-draft scouting reports from (written by the infamous Nolan Nawrocki), CBS, and ESPN, split them by player race, counted the number of times individual words appeared using the Voyant tool, and then calculated the rate at which each word appeared per 10,000 words. (In total we pulled 68,465 words on 99 white players—6,228 unique—and 223,868 words on 288 black players—10,580 unique). You can play with the data in the interactive below; simply plug a single word into the input field, hit search, and see how often the word appeared in black and white scouting reports.

Click here to view this embed.

This tool will count only the exact string you put (although it's not case-sensitive). "Intelligent" won't pull up numbers for related words like "intelligence" or "unintelligent."


Post your favorite finds in the comments! You can check out the code/documentation for the graphic over on Github.