With No Tickets, Turkish Soccer Fans Try Burrowing Into Stadium

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For Tuesday's sold-out Champions League match at Schalke, a group of Galatasaray supporters came up with an ingenious idea. Just before the match began, they attempted to dig through frozen ground, underneath a fence, to sneak into the Veltins-Arena. By "ingenious" we of course mean "stupid."

[Schalke director Horst] Heldt confirmed the incident before the game, which ended with a 4-3 aggregate victory for the Turkish club, saying: "Yes, that's right. Some supporters have tried to dig a tunnel with their bare hands."

No word on whether they were arrested, or just snared like so many rabbits trying to tunnel into Mr. McGregor's vegetable garden, but Galatasaray may not even take the Turkish crown for most devoted fans excluded from matches. Last month Fenerbah├že supporters, banned from a Europe League game for throwing fireworks onto the pitch, launched flares attached to parachutes into the arena.