Last night, Oklahoma boys' 3A playoffs. Hugo High School inbounding, up one point on Millwood, 3.7 seconds left.

Hugo guard Trey Johnson, who we should all feel so bad for, springs free from his defender. He catches the ball, dribbles once, sets, and lays it into the wrong basket, his basket, uncontested. Millwood wins, 38-37. The crowd shrieks, in that way only a crowd who has seen a player score on his own team can.


"Without a doubt, that's the toughest locker room I've ever had to talk to," Hugo coach Darnell Shanklin said. I can't even muster up jokes. Johnson had a brainlock at the exact wrong moment to score the second of his two baskets on the night. It's just depressing. These buzzer-beater videos that have been everywhere the last few weeks have finally gotten out of hand.

[NewsOK, via Spin It]