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Video Released Of Michael Floyd Asleep At The Wheel Before His DUI Arrest

Image via TMZ
Image via TMZ

When former Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Michael Floyd was arrested on suspicion of DUI last week, police said they found him unconscious at the wheel of a running SUV. Today, the Scottsdale, Ariz., police department released video from the officers, showing them banging on the windows and saying aloud that they are trying to wake up Floyd. Here one clip, published by the Arizona Republic:

Floyd was arrested last Monday and cut from the team two days later. (He has since been picked up by the Patriots.) The arrest video shows Floyd not moving inside the car, which still appears to be running at an intersection. Police said in their report that the light changed several times without the SUV moving. A police officer was not able to immediately wake Floyd up by knocking at his window and requesting that he turn off the car.

When Floyd did wake up, he looked confused about what was happening and what he had been doing. He had to hear instructions several times to follow them and, when asked by an officer, he did not know where he was.


Floyd gave conflicting answers when asked what he had been drinking that night and at one point said he drank on a team flight from Miami to Arizona that afternoon. He was arrested on suspicion of two counts of DUI, one count of obstructing a roadway and one count of failure to obey a police officer, according to the Republic. His blood alcohol content has not been reported.

Floyd was previously arrested for DUI while playing for Notre Dame in 2011. He was suspended from the team for that arrest, which followed two earlier citations for underage drinking during his time with the Irish.

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