You Be The DJ, He'll Be The Prosecutor

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We don't have a MySpace page, mainly because we think we have enough of an Internet presence, thank you very much. We sometimes think it's a shame, though, because it seems like everytime we see a MySpace page, the person with the page appears to be having more sex than we are. Or maybe, we dunno, people's online lives are different than their real ones. It's possible.

Anyway, much hollering and yelling this morning about the MySpace page of the now-ex-prosecutor in the case of Redskins safety Sean Taylor, who is accused of "brandishing" a weapon at three guys who might or might not have stolen some SUVs ATVs off his property. The prosecutor, Michael Grieco, is a DJ in his spare time, and defense attorneys accused him of using the case for self-promotion. His resignation has caused the case to be delayed yet again.


Grieco has taken down his MySpace page, but since this is the Web, you can still find it right here. Looking over the page — from which the above photo is swiped — it's just another dopey MySpace page with a bunch of semi-attractive women tell Grieco how awesome his DJing skills are. Our favorite section appears to be written by a stripper:

Um, excuse me, hi Mr. DJ (insert batting eyelashes here) so this is my Tues and sometimes Friday pole song. I expect you to play this next time I'm at Slims (preferably Tues AND Fri) - oh and did I mention how sexy you are and how great and BIG your biceps look in your perfectly sized, ironic phrased t-shirt? If you refuse, I'll continue to make this pouty sad face :( The answer's still no? Damn you DJ ESQ. Cocky bastard ruining my only chance to realize my fantasy of being a stripper without the wherewithal to actually get paid for it. Curses!


You know, if "Law & Order" ever decided to have a replacement for Sam Waterson's McCoy, we think a bulging-biceps, headphones-wearing prosecutor who is looking for "brains and an ass" from a potential mate would work out excellently.

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