You can only be so in touch with hip hop when you play for the Winnipeg Jets. They used to be the Atlanta Thrashers. Winnipeg has a few hip-hoppists fewer than Atlanta. (No, the Thrashers didn't have Atlanta's leading hip-hoppists—Outcast, Wocker Flocker Flame, Ti—there to support them, but they did have Lil Jon.)

But winger Evander Kane, who grew up in Vancouver, brought the hipping and the hopping with him to Winnipeg. Today, per his Twitter account, he shaved "YMCMB"—an acronym for "Young Money Cash Money Billionaires," the record label formed when Young Money and Cash Money joined forces—into his head. They've got a mean roster: Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Tyga, and the like. Maybe Kane's just in it for Drake. But we don't really mind.