Yesterday, we asked our readers to share their best sports-themed Halloween costumes with us. They did not disappoint. The one above might be my favorite, because that fellow in the middle went dressed up as a Buccaneers' MRSA sore. Scroll down to see the best of the rest.

Ultimate Warrior:

Ricky Vaughn:

Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un:

Big Bucks Hunter:

Jimmy Chitwood:

Randy Savage:

Jim Harbaugh:

White Goodman:

Chris Bosh:

Shawn Michaels

Justin Verlander (holy shit, he actually looks just like Justin Verlander):

Smokin' Jay Catler:

Kliff Kingsbury:

The Jamaican bobsled team:

Manti Te'o and Lennay Kekua:

Rickie Fowler and his caddie:

Kerri Strugg:

Tom Coughlin and Rex Ryan:

Lance Armstrong:

Kenny Powers (this gentleman is an old friend of ours):

Brian Wilson:

Troy Polamalu:

Steve Bartman and Patrick Kane:

Actually, this next one is my favorite. This guy actually went as Piggy Poop Balls. God bless him: