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WJFK Radio in Washington, D.C., is, like most of the country, awash in George Mason Mania these days. How could they not be? And, this morning, the Junkies Radio show dug up an old interview with none other than Mid-Major Public Enemy No. 1 Billy Packer.

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The interview appears to be a couple of years old, and it features Packer in his typical frothing-out-the-mouth lunatic form. Highlights include:

• Packer claiming (sarcastically, we hope) that he and his wife sing Christina Aguilera songs to each other before they go to sleep.
• He says, straight up, "there's no reason to get a college diploma. It doesn't matter."
• He taunts George Mason graduates as "those with a 400 SAT."


This is the guy who is going to broadcast the biggest moment in Mid-Major history this Saturday, a guy who openly mocked GMU's entry into the tournament. And he's cheerily mocking George Mason for being a school for idiots. Man. Saturday's gonna be great.

You can hear the whole interview right here. The sound quality is a little rough, but you can get the gist.


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