Armbar specialist Ronda Rousey caught some attention Thursday for wondering out loud about retirement. She says she "realistically" has two years left in fighting, and started thinking about her future after coming very close to losing to Liz Carmouche in February. Now, Rousey's angry about how people interpreted her quote.


Rousey's expected to film roles in The Expendables 3 and The Fast and The Furious 7 this fall, transitioning into a nice post-fighting career, similar to what Gina Carano has done. The big fuss, apparently, is that these gigs come before a Dec. 28 fight against Miesha Tate.

Maybe the expectations are eating at Rousey, but she obviously needs to ignore anyone calling her out for "distractions," one of the most excessively used euphemisms in sports. Do what you want, get Tate to submit in December, and everyone can focus on enjoying the rest of your career, however long that may be.

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Photo: Jeff Gross/Getty Images