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Youth Organization Learned Of Jerry Sandusky Investigation in 1998, Let Jerry Sandusky Fraternize With Youth Until 2008

The possible ambit of abetment in the Jerry Sandusky case widens by the day. How so many people looked the other way for so long is incomprehensible. Then again, it's human nature to look the other way, to pretend that whatever version of Kitty Genovese lives in your neighborhood isn't being stabbed to death on your street. So it goes with Sandusky and the youth organization he founded in 1977, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

The Second Mile, a program for at-risk youth, said in a statement that it immediately acted in 2008 to ban Mr. Sandusky from programs involving children when he told them he was under investigation for sexual contact with a juvenile but had denied any wrongdoing.

However, the organization knew as early as 1998 that Mr. Sandusky was under investigation for similar sexual misconduct in a Penn State shower involving a different boy from the program, according to a presentment by a statewide investigating grand jury.


The Second Mile also knew about a 2002 sex abuse investigation into Sandusky. Again, the organization made no move to keep Sandusky away from kids. Not for another six years.

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