Dana Jacobson Delivers Entire Report While Holding Live Seahawk Mascot

We became familiar with Taima earlier this year when she decided to go hang out with some fans. Today the Seahawks' live bird mascot "helped" CBS Sports reporter Dana Jacobson while she delivered a four-minute live shot from CenturyLink Field. The bird very early on tried to escape, but a handler restored the hawk… »1/18/15 1:17pm1/18/15 1:17pm


Former ESPNer Dana Jacobson: "I Was Molested As A Child"

Now that Jerry Sandusky has been convicted, count former ESPN personality Dana Jacobson among those empowered to speak out about a personal experience with child sex abuse. Jacobson, who hasn't returned to TV since leaving ESPN at the end of April, relates a story on her personal blog this morning about being violated… »6/25/12 11:30am6/25/12 11:30am

5 Important Contracts Set To Expire At ESPN (Or, Why Michelle Beadle Is Probably Done In Bristol)

On Tuesday, we told you that ESPN execs are ready to walk away from Rick Reilly's contract when it expires next year. But what about this year's expiring contracts? Whose time in Bristol might soon be over? We counted at least four ESPN talents—plus Colin Cowherd—whose deals are up this year. Here's a rundown, with… »4/11/12 2:40pm4/11/12 2:40pm

We'll Pay For Video Of Dana Jacobson Chugging Vodka From The Bottle And "Cursing Like A Sailor"

Yesterday, upon hearing the news that Dana Jacobson intends to leave ESPN, we hoped to pay our respects by posting a video clip of our favorite moment from her time in Bristol. Alas, actual footage of Jacobson chugging vodka from the bottle and "cursing like a sailor," in the words of the Press of Atlantic City, has… »3/28/12 6:55pm3/28/12 6:55pm

Soon, ESPN Will Be Nothing But 24 Hours Of People Disagreeing With Skip Bayless

You should read Richard Deitsch on Dana Jacobson's defenestration from ESPN's First Take—as a co-host, she was to Skip Bayless what Dave Garroway was to his pet chimp—but you should really read this ESPN interview with First Take producer Jamie Horowitz, which is a stupid little fractal of everything stupid about the… »12/28/11 5:46pm12/28/11 5:46pm