Dive Only Into Pools Of Which You Know The Depth

If you were wondering where Daric Barton was when Oakland was playing the Yankees this weekend (who of us wasn't?), well he wasn't playing because he got hurt during the All-Star break. The rookie first basemen has a lot to learn about how to dive into swimming pools.

If you see a diving board, it's probably save to jump in head first. If you see little kids happily paddling along with out those orange floaties, it's probably a bad idea to jump in at all. The A's rookie first basemen misjudged the depth of a local pool, resulting in a stiff neck and a split-open head that required six staples.

Barton's staples are clearly visible at the top of his head. He was told that he will be left with a sizable scar and that the hair around the scar will not grow back. He still plans to keep his buzz cut, though. "I'll tell people someone hit me with a 2-by-4," he said.

Considering A's GM Billy Beane is the snake oil salesman of midseason trades, something tells me that despite the head wound, he'll be able to deal Barton to a team for three quality prospects, citing that the scar on his head strengthened his determination to win.


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