Rooting For The Ol' Stripes and Stars As we head into the second full night of coverage, the medal drama is building and one more tennis star drops as Ana Ivanovic withdraws due to a thumb injury. Chicken pox felled a Canadian swimmer and Team USA won an explosive basketball game against China. Tonight, we have swimming finals and gymnastics qualifiers. What you need to know, after the jump. • Phelps watch 2008 continues with tonight's 4x100 free relay. After missing a gold medal four years ago in Athens, the U.S. is determined not to let it happen again. The pressure clearly rests on Phelps' teammates; a loss surely wouldn't be blamed on swimming's wonderboy • Katie Hoff will take another shot at the gold in the 400 meter free. She already has a bronze in these Games. • The women's gymnastics team will compete in qualifiers. Keep an eye out for high flying children . • Diving qualifiers are also tonight. This event just makes me nervous...they always look like they're going to hit the board. And then I realize that hitting the board would be the only thing to make the event worth watching. Thanks for hanging out with me this weekend. You've been lovely.