Angryville Prepares for The Great Unmooring This was taken at Broad and Walnut last night about 12:47, just an hour after the game ended. Just like the night before, after that rain-delayed, preposterous walk-off win in Game 3 , the city's most boisterous emptied their homes, the bars, their cars, and just took it to the street. Cops were summoned and had to block it off. Impromptu pep rallies broke out. Car horns wailed. People surfed on the hoods of mini-vans, filled with an overwhelming happiness that couldn't be lessened, even if they lost their balance and opened their heads on the concrete. On this night, everyone in Philadelphia was invincible, impervious to pain, sadness, or worry. Angryville Prepares for The Great Unmooring And that was just after Game 3. There's no doubt that if the Phillies win this thing tonight — or any night thereafter— this city will burn. The cops know they're outnumbered; shit's gonna go down. If you don't embrace it, you're bound to get run over by it. But just for the sake of consistency and self-fulfilling prophecising — if this city ends up losing this thing it'll never recover. Angryville Prepares for The Great Unmooring Cole Hamels, the hopes of a grateful Angryville turn their wild eyes to you . Please, for everyone's sake, end this. Angryville Prepares for The Great Unmooring Almost Champions []