And Then A Not-So-Mighty Dong Appeared...

Unfortunately named Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Joe Cox appears in a Sporting News Today spread and it appears 1. he forgot to wear a cup, and 2. the magazine forgot to airbrush out his flaccid penis showing through his pants. (NSFW?)

Shield your eyes.

And Then A Not-So-Mighty Dong Appeared...


Mr. Cox is fortunate this happened now. Sigh. The Sports Fella is wise.


Crazy day (again), obviously. As I said, oh, a couple of days ago — this will pass. Enjoy the notoriety while you can, monsters. Barry Petchesky will slow-jam you into the small hours.


And on this day, a little more than usual, thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. You don't have to run and hide away...