There are some things that Viggo Mortensen will not be denied. One is completing a quest to destroy the One Ring before the forces of Mordor rise up and take over Middle-earth with an army of mutated John Kruks. The other is watching Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro, the Buenos Aires soccer club for which he writes a regular column, claim victory over their league rivals. On Monday, the team was facing Newells in a match that had major relegation implications. Aragorn was watching the game on his laptop in the terminal when the craziness began.

Here's how the actor remembers it:

And suddenly Romagnoli makes magic running down the left wing, and gives one last chance to Gigliotti, who had already failed twice to win this very clear incredible. I scream GOOOOOOOOOOOLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAA
ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! with all my heart and I start to hit jumps around like a frightened deer between passengers and their luggage PIPI!! !!!! ! PIPI!! PIPIIII!!

Security approached him and asked him to explain the disturbance, though he managed to hand over his passport and explain the exuberance while keeping one eye on the match, which ended 3-2 in favor of San Lorenzo. And good on the Dulles cops, because you don't kick someone out of an airport for celebrating a soccer goal. (Also, they've probably seen A History of Violence.)