NBA Likely To Adjust Playoff Seeding, Won't Prevent Hack-A-Shaq

With everybody in the basketball world in Las Vegas for the Summer League, the NBA held meetings of both its competition committee and Board of Governors, and afterwards commissioner Adam Silver answered questions from the media. There were no bombshells, just a number of small but interesting changes or non-changes… »7/14/15 10:24pm7/14/15 10:24pm


The NBA Players Union Just Announced It's Ready To Make War On Owners

The National Basketball Players' Association announced today that it has rejected the league's "cap smoothing" proposal, an idea floated by commissioner Adam Silver that was supposed to be an artful way of dealing with the massive influx of cash that will be coming into the league once the new TV deals kick in. The… »3/11/15 5:38pm3/11/15 5:38pm

Please God Let Adam Silver Be Serious About An NBA Version Of The FA Cup

NBA commissioner Adam Silver had the integrity to witness for himself the crime against sport that was the Knicks-Bucks game in London yesterday. While Brits probably didn't learn anything useful about our sports by watching the worst of what we have to offer, Silver might've taken something positive from them on… »1/16/15 2:27pm1/16/15 2:27pm

NBA Suspends Jeffery Taylor 24 Games For Domestic Assault, Shades NFL

The NBA announced in a memo Wednesday evening that Hornets small forward Jeffery Taylor had been given a 24-game unpaid suspension, after he pleaded guilty in late October to misdemeanor domestic violence assault. He was sentenced to 18 months probation. Taylor was arrested in September, and the memo outlines… »11/19/14 8:03pm11/19/14 8:03pm

Olbermann: If Pro Sports Want Legal Gambling, Help Gambling Addicts

Adam Silver's op-ed in the New York Times in support of legalized sports gambling reversed the long history of professional sports outwardly demonizing gambling while stage whispering all the information with which gamblers can make their decisions. If we bring gambling out of the shadows and, you know, get it some… »11/14/14 5:39pm11/14/14 5:39pm

NBA Commissioner Announces Support For Legalized Sports Gambling

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has broken ranks with his sports executive brethren, and announced his support for an expansion of legalized sports gambling in the United States in a New York Times op-ed. Silver points out that, despite its widespread illegality, sports gambling is a massive, and growing, business: »11/13/14 8:57pm11/13/14 8:57pm

Adam Silver Responds To NBA Union By Writing Random Words

This morning, ESPN The Magazine published an interview with new NBPA executive director Michele Roberts, in which she laid out why NBA owners aren't worth shit to the league, and are functionally the most replaceable bodies. This afternoon, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver issued a statement comprising shifty accounting… »11/13/14 1:37pm11/13/14 1:37pm

Phil Jackson Gets Mad At Perfectly Legitimate Criticism

The New York Knicks aren't a very good basketball team, and at times this season they have clearly struggled to implement coach Derek Fisher's version of the triangle offense. When asked by reporters about the Knicks, this led NBA commissioner Adam Silver to direct some light teasing their way. Via the New York Daily… »11/10/14 9:34pm11/10/14 9:34pm

Important NBA Voices Begin Agitating For A Shorter Season

The book on NBA Commissioner Adam Silver reads that he is an innovator, more open to radical change than expected from somebody whose most salient job responsibility is protecting a multibillion dollar industry. And now that Silver has kicked Donald Sterling to the curb and signed a new media rights deal, he's… »10/16/14 1:28am10/16/14 1:28am

Paul George's Injury Has Some In The NBA Rethinking International Play

Paul George's catastrophic leg injury was horrible for him, of course, but rough too for the Pacers and for the NBA, which will be without him for a year. So it's not a surprise that everyone's reconsidering the calculus of international basketball, in which a whole bunch is risked for very little reward. »8/04/14 9:19am8/04/14 9:19am

The Man Who Helped Bring Down Donald Sterling Is An Asshole, Too

If you were watching closely, you might've seen Kevin Johnson, the former NBA guard who's now mayor of Sacramento, sitting courtside at Staples Center during Game 4 of the Clippers-Thunder series. His arm was around his wife, Michelle Rhee, and the two seemed to preside over the action, conspicuous by design—their… »5/15/14 4:11pm5/15/14 4:11pm

The Technicality That Will Allow The NBA To Get Rid Of Both Sterlings

With all of Adam Silver's stern talk in his press conference announcing Donald Sterling's lifetime ban, it appeared the process of removing Sterling's ownership interest would be swift. However, not much in the way of action has happened since then. This SI report mentions an interesting technicality that may explain… »5/15/14 12:19pm5/15/14 12:19pm