Recruiter Forgets To Hang Up, Leaves Adorable Voicemail

It goes without saying that we're fond of bizarre voicemails around here, but this one provided to us by an anonymous tipster is on a very different level. After failing to properly hang up, a woman sings a sweetly nutty song to, we think, her dog. » 12/16/13 2:30pm 12/16/13 2:30pm

More Angry Voicemails: Crazy Self-Described "Lesbian On Top" Leaves…

Ever get a phone call from someone that was wrong number and wonder if it wasn't a wrong number at all, that it was just some crazy person dialing random numbers so that they could hear someone's voice? Reader Sebastian knows the feeling: » 10/24/12 4:15pm 10/24/12 4:15pm

This Might Be The World's Most Ingenious Prank Phone Call

Reader John emailed me this week with this audio of a prank conference call he set up between two pizza joints. He explains his methodology thusly: » 10/10/12 11:30am 10/10/12 11:30am

Manny Ramirez's Dreads Will Cause Drug Use, Abortion, Gayness,…

This disgruntled fan of the Sacramento River Cats would like you to know that she is NOT fuddy duddy. Nor is she a crackpot. She just thinks that Manny Ramirez's dreadlocks are the reason that "unwholesomeness" is spreading across the American landscape. I strongly urge you to listen to this voicemail in its… » 6/15/12 3:20pm 6/15/12 3:20pm

It Takes A Special Kind Of Mom To Disown Her Child Over Voicemail

Once in a while, we're offered a glimpse into the dark heart of the American family. The above voicemail is one such instance. Reader Ben provides the background: » 6/06/12 3:00pm 6/06/12 3:00pm

Pissed-Off College Student Leaves Greatest Voicemail Ever

If you've ever attended school at any level, you know how infuriating it can be when some dipshit administrator screws up your paperwork and sticks you in the wrong class. Or even worse, when they actively try to prevent you from switching out of that class into the class you wanted. Well, one brave college student… » 5/31/12 4:30pm 5/31/12 4:30pm