Casino Fails To Shuffle Cards, Sues Gamblers Who Won $1.5 Million

A group of 14 people were huddled around a mini baccarat table at Atlantic City's Golden Nugget casino in August, when something strange started to happen. The same sequence of cards was dealt twice—then a third time, and a fourth, and so on. Gamblers aren't dumb: they upped their bets from the minimum $10, and kept… »8/20/12 3:30pm8/20/12 3:30pm

Better Dirty Than Humbled: The Lights Go Down On The Bernard Hopkins Show

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J.—For years, Bernard Hopkins has entered the ring for each of his fights wearing a black balaclava, only his eyes visible, arms crossed overhead in an "X" to signify his nickname, "The Executioner." Outside the ring, he's a chatty bald man with a flattened nose and kindly eyes, now given, at his… »4/30/12 11:24am4/30/12 11:24am

Don Johnson, The Champagne King And The Beast Of Blackjack, Has Once Again Punished An Atlantic City Casino

After a few months of suspiciously restrained behavior, blackjack savant Don Johnson has returned. He was spotted in October in Atlantic City stuffing fistfuls of casino chips into his gullet. Just grinding them up between his world-class molars. No, I made that up. He was actually cashing in fistfuls of chips at the… »11/14/11 1:10pm11/14/11 1:10pm

Meet The Blackjack Superhero Who Took Atlantic City For $15 Million

Two weeks ago, we learned about the gambling ace who saddled the Tropicana Casino and Resort with a record $5.8 million loss at the blackjack tables in April. There was much speculation about his identity. Now, there is an answer. The Press of Atlantic City scored an interview with the gambler, an Oregon State fan who… »5/23/11 11:20am5/23/11 11:20am

Mysterious Blackjack Savant Single-Handedly Busts Tropicana Casino

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement yesterday reported April revenue for casinos in Atlantic City. The numbers, down across the board, are disheartening for the second-biggest gambling market in the country. Heartening for the rest of the world, however, is that the Tropicana Casino and Resort got cleaned… »5/11/11 12:15pm5/11/11 12:15pm