Aubrey Huff Almost Injured Himself Last Night Smacking Ryan Theriot's Ass

San Francisco cruised to a 5-2 home win over the Dodgers last night on the strength of a two-run Marco Scutaro hit, and it sparked the kind of celebration only Bill Gramatica could appreciate. Here's Giants slugger Aubrey Huff showing his appreciation to Ryan Theriot, and regretting it after the fact. » 9/08/12 11:30am 9/08/12 11:30am

Some Drunk Giants Players Got Into It With Drunk Capitals Fans At A Hockey Game

In town to play the Nationals, a few members of the San Francisco Giants took in the Lightning/Capitals game yesterday. According to a fan who was there, there was some good-natured ribbing going on with the next luxury box over, including Pat Burrell telling a screaming fan that the players on the ice can't hear you.… » 5/02/11 4:45pm 5/02/11 4:45pm

Barry Hits #750, Loses Game, Wins A Friend

• Miguel Montero > Barry Bonds. Barry hit #750 last night, a 3-2 breaking ball over the rightfield wall that delighted people all over ... well, Pac Bell Park. He's now just 5 short of Hank Aaron, but he does trail Diamondback Miguel Montero in the statistical category of "people who won baseball games on Friday, June… » 6/30/07 12:00pm 6/30/07 12:00pm