Austin Jackson Can't Comprehend The Greatness Of Miguel Cabrera

This is Miguel Cabrera celebrating his three-run go-ahead homer in the top of the ninth to put the Tigers up 3-1 on the Orioles. Austin Jackson can't fathom what Miggy just did to that baseball. » 5/13/14 10:33pm 5/13/14 10:33pm

Jim Leyland Smokes Out A Winner

From those who consider "old-school" a derisive term, Jim Leyland tends to get a pass because he's just plain old. He's the guy who took advantage of the power outage in Game 3 to light up a Marlboro Red in the dugout. He's the guy who, after Detroit fell 1-0 to go down in the ALCS, laid down on his couch to figure… » 10/17/13 9:28am 10/17/13 9:28am

The Last Center Fielders Standing Are Two Damn Good Ones

You've assuredly heard lots about the players who will be most important in this World Series. Buster Posey, Justin Verlander, Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder, Matt Cain, Pablo Sandoval—they were deserved all-stars in July, and they've been talked to death this October. But why think of the World Series as a battle… » 10/24/12 5:00pm 10/24/12 5:00pm

Rangers Pitcher Hit In Head With Comeback Liner

Tonight in the bottom of the 6th, Rangers reliever Dustin Nippert took a hard liner to the head courtesy of the Tigers' Austin Jackson. Nippert seemed shaken but ultimately walked himself off. He is currently listed as day-to-day, according to » 7/19/10 11:00pm 7/19/10 11:00pm

Here's The Awesome Catch No One Is Talking About Today

In the top of the ninth of Armando Galarraga's fairly routine, ho-hum, complete-game one-hitter, Mark Grudzielanek smacked a ball deep to left-center. Austin Jackson was there with a Willie Mays impression, and history was preserved for Jim Joyce to fuck up. [MLB] » 6/03/10 12:35pm 6/03/10 12:35pm