GQ's Look At The MBA For NFL Players Is A Portrait Of Hubris And Fear

Belly-up pro athletes are among the world's saddest washouts, in part because you can't blame them for their own gruesome collapses. It’s a surreal deal: You’re invincible as a kid, invincible as a young man, a millionaire before you know how to file your own taxes and then an undereducated, slow-moving target for… »4/27/13 5:52pm4/27/13 5:52pm


You, Bernard Berrian, Are A Walking Ball Bag, And Your Handlers Are Dumb And Should Be Fired

So this is something. Our friends over at KSK have irked an NFL player with one of their patented satirical posts, but unlike most of their targets, this NFL player decided to fight back with hissing lawyers and dildo-burping PR ladies in a misguided effort to protect his imaginary "brand." »10/06/11 7:55pm10/06/11 7:55pm