GQ's Look At The MBA For NFL Players Is A Portrait Of Hubris And Fear

Belly-up pro athletes are among the world's saddest washouts, in part because you can't blame them for their own gruesome collapses. It’s a surreal deal: You’re invincible as a kid, invincible as a young man, a millionaire before you know how to file your own taxes and then an undereducated, slow-moving target for… » 4/27/13 5:52pm 4/27/13 5:52pm

Bernard Berrian Has Shitty Hands, In A Literal Sense

Remember the fuss from a couple of weeks back, when Vikings receiver Bernard Berrian lawyered up to protect his image after KSK did one of its satirical posts about him? Yeah, well, can't wait to see how ol' poopyhands and his handlers try to bully their way out of this one. [@B_Twice; h/t to David] » 10/18/11 2:55pm 10/18/11 2:55pm