Bill James Calls For Revolutionary Changes To The American Economy

Over at his website, Bill James has a fun feature called "Hey Bill," where he answers questions from readers. Sometimes these have to do with esoteric baseball topics and sometimes they have to do with other things, such as the ongoing debate over James's idea to fundamentally change the structure of the American… »6/24/14 3:57pm6/24/14 3:57pm


Wall Street Journal Column Confuses LeBron James With Bill James

Unless LeBron has a writing career we don't know about, Dorothy Rabinowitz confused the Heat star with Bill James and his book Popular Crime in her Wall Street Journal column about an upcoming JFK documentary. To be fair, the mistake isn't that hard to make. They both left an indelible mark on their respective… »11/02/13 2:37pm11/02/13 2:37pm

Red Sox Tell Bill James To Stop Defending Joe Paterno

Bill James, ever the contrarian (he even took a go at disputing climate change a few years back, though later softened his stance), has been taking the unpopular stance on Joe Paterno this week. First it was him saying in an online chat that the Freeh Report made it clear that Paterno did enough to address the Jerry… »7/16/12 6:15pm7/16/12 6:15pm

Someone Actually Thinks The Freeh Report Exonerated Joe Paterno, And It's Bill James

Today was rough for anyone even remotely associated with Penn State University, and there are certainly more developments on the way. What you didn't find today, however, were many folks (at least, high-profile ones) defending the actions of Penn State or the conduct of Joe Paterno, as was laid out in Louis Freeh's… »7/13/12 12:50am7/13/12 12:50am

Joe Posnanski's Profile Of Bill James Will Get You Pumped For Moneyball

It's like Sabermetric Christmas: "Yes, he was driven nuts early and often, and he raged back with a sort of funny, blunt and often searing writing that appealed to an audience nobody had realized existed. Bill James was not the first person to search for knowledge in baseball, not even close, but unlike anyone, he… »9/21/11 1:10pm9/21/11 1:10pm

If Albert DeSalvo Wasn't The Boston Strangler, Who Was? Bill James Investigates

During the years 1962-64, 13 women in the Boston area were molested and then strangled by an assailant who came to be known as the Boston Strangler. In 1965, Albert DeSalvo, a convicted sex offender and patient at a local mental institute, began telling people he committed the murders. With the help of superstar… »8/04/11 3:00pm8/04/11 3:00pm

Bill James's Steroid Accusations Have Higher Range Factor Than Canseco's

By now even most casual baseball fans know the story of Bill James. Baseball thought of stats one way, he thought of them another, using complex equations using the quadratic formula and integrals and grep. Easy enough. But perhaps Mr. James has another e=mc² up his sleeve when it comes to the way we think of steroid… »4/05/08 12:50pm4/05/08 12:50pm