Bill Plaschke Opened His Radio Show Yesterday Talking About Helen…

Petros Papadakis is busy preparing for Fox's Cotton Bowl broadcast tonight, so L.A. Times columnist and Around The Horn panelist Bill Plaschke guest-hosted Petros & Money on KLAC radio in Los Angeles on Thursday. Despite a world of sports topics worth discussion in Southern California at 3 p.m. Pacific yesterday,… » 1/04/13 11:20am 1/04/13 11:20am

Bill Plaschke Is Easily Distracted

Because every stupid thing in sports requires one to take sides, we're torn on this one. Do we agree with the guy who willingly puts his life on display on an E! reality show, then says it's not fair to talk about his personal life? Or do we agree with — gulp — Bill Plaschke? You can see our dilemma. » 4/21/11 2:00pm 4/21/11 2:00pm

Predictably, Bill Plaschke Has Something Stupid To Say About Lindsey…

Well, this was probably the most inevitable column of the Olympics: Bill Plaschke, harshing Lindsey Jacobellis's mellow. » 2/17/10 2:30pm 2/17/10 2:30pm

Bill Plaschke, Master Of Finding Controversy Where None Exists

Plaschke's manufactured outrage of the day: "there was no makeshift memorial of flowers or cards, there was no visible memory" of Nodar Kumaritashvili. The photo that runs with the story? A makeshift memorial of flowers and cards. [MSTI] » 2/14/10 3:45pm 2/14/10 3:45pm

Lindsey Vonn Has A Lot Of Nerve Getting Hurt After Being So Sexy

Lindsey Vonn sure is purty, but who does she think she is? Getting everyone all hot and bothered over our Yankee Doodle Dandy and then having the audacity to break her shin before winning any gold medals! What a tease. » 2/11/10 2:05pm 2/11/10 2:05pm

SI "Out Of Touch" For Mocking Around The Horn, Says Newspaper Columnist…

You know that swell new show everyone's watching? The one where sportswriters pretend to feel strongly about things on television? No, not The Sports Reporters. Not PTI. The other one. Around the Horn. Well, Bill Plaschke thinks it's totally fresh! » 12/17/09 10:45am 12/17/09 10:45am

Surprise! No One Cares That Manny Ramirez Used PEDs

Manny came back to Mannywood last night, and the fake dreadlocked Dodger fans welcomed him back with open arms, much to the consternation of you know who. » 7/17/09 10:45am 7/17/09 10:45am

Bill Plaschke's Unhealthy Manny Obsession

Professional grumpypants Bill Plaschke really hates Manny Ramirez. In fact, the only thing he hates more than Manny is people who refuse to hate Manny as much as he does. Why can't they see what Bill Plaschke sees? » 7/06/09 9:40am 7/06/09 9:40am

Bill Plaschke Finally Vindicated By Manny Ramirez Suspension

There is a silver lining to be found in this Manny Ramirez mess—L.A. Times columnist Bill Plaschke can finally say "I told you so!" Manny duped a lot of people, but not this guy! » 5/07/09 4:20pm 5/07/09 4:20pm

Media Approval Ratings: Bill Plaschke

While searching for photos of Los Angeles Times columnist (and "Around the Horn" regular) Bill Plaschke, we came across this one. How in the world did Plaschke get on that panel? » 6/17/08 1:05pm 6/17/08 1:05pm

Chris Kaman: Even Weirder Than You Think

We've given the Los Angeles Times' Bill Plaschke his fair share of grief, but we must give credit where it is due: His column yesterday on bizarro Clippers center Chris Kaman is pretty outstanding stuff. We might even go so far as to call ourselves tickled. » 12/19/05 1:15pm 12/19/05 1:15pm

Why Your Hometown Columnist Sucks: Bill Plaschke

We have seen Bill Plaschke's desk. Well, to be more precise, we haven''t actually seen the surface of the desk — just the refuse piled on top. We doubt that anyone working at the Los Angeles Times since the early 1990s has seen what's underneath. To best describe it, think Dennis Nedry's work station in the film … » 10/18/05 1:45pm 10/18/05 1:45pm