Bill Simmons's New NBA Podcast Has The Same Theme Music As The Starters

Bill Simmons launched a new podcast this week called Bill Don't Lie (groan). It's the latest place to find Simmons giving endless dissertations of his basketball theories, and there's something a little off about it. As first noticed by a user on NBA Reddit, the intro music to the new podcast is the exact same music… » 3/30/15 5:31pm Monday 5:31pm

Did Bill Simmons Make A Fool Of Himself On WWE Raw?

Bill Simmons joined Snoop Dogg as a special guest on tonight's WWE Raw, and if that sounds like the dumbest thing in the world to you, you'd be right. Simmons didn't even take a bump, which is some weak bullshit. Even worse, it appears Simmons may have broken kayfabe by inquiring about the of-late absence of "the… » 3/23/15 9:59pm 3/23/15 9:59pm

Bill Simmons Questions ESPN's Support Of Grantland

At SXSW, Bill Simmons gave a legitimately interesting interview to Re/code. It features Simmons sliding from passive-aggression to bluntness, but always railing against his ESPN bosses for not giving Grantland the funding or credit he believes it deserves. » 3/16/15 2:31pm 3/16/15 2:31pm

Bill Simmons Is A Name-Dropping Waste

So Bill Simmons offered a "sneak" preview today of the third part of his NBA Trade Value column. And yes, his self-mythologizing has gotten to the point where he a) breaks some random-ass rankings into three parts, b) releases a "sneak preview" of the third part of those rankings because "we couldn't resist" (and by… » 3/13/15 4:34pm 3/13/15 4:34pm

Is Bill Simmons Eyeing a Move Back to Boston?

Here's something fun to consider: Does Bill Simmons fancy himself as the LeBron James of Boston? According to a source, the Grantland honcho, who has lived in Los Angeles since 2002, was telling friends over dinner last night that he's "toying" with the idea of moving back to his hometown. » 2/06/15 6:12pm 2/06/15 6:12pm

This Is the Worst Super Bowl Party Picture Ever Taken

Last night was the Super Bowl, I guess. I heard something about a shark and stopped asking questions. But then today I was reading some celebrity gossip blogs and one of my favorite bloggers noted that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon spent the Super Bowl together... at Jimmy Kimmel's house? With... Grantland editor Bill… » 2/02/15 10:10pm 2/02/15 10:10pm

Bill Simmons Had Lena Dunham Back On His Podcast, And They Said Things

For the third time now, thought leader Lena Dunham joined multiplatform presence Bill Simmons on his podcast yesterday. It was a typically awkward and at times baffling example of audience cross-pollination between two people with little in common besides their love of their own voices. Dunham has takes on the… » 1/15/15 2:53pm 1/15/15 2:53pm

Further Evidence Bill Simmons & Ellen DeGeneres Are The Same Person

Yesterday a commenter remarked on some similarities between ESPN word-jock Bill Simmons and entertainer Ellen DeGeneres. We conducted a detailed forensic analysis of their faces, and you can see the shocking results in the above video. » 11/07/14 12:15pm 11/07/14 12:15pm

Bill Simmons Goes On Twitter Rant, Calls Out ESPN And Mike Golic

Mike Golic, co-host of ESPN radio show Mike & Mike took a bit of a shot at ESPN colleague Bill Simmons on this morning's episode. Simmons has since gotten wind of it, and he is pissed. » 11/06/14 1:20pm 11/06/14 1:20pm

Hey, Where The Hell Is Bill Simmons's Friday NFL Picks Column?

Where in the damn hell is the Friday NFL picks column? Just where the hell is it? Don't come at me with this Barnwell skunkweed oregano shit, man. The suspension is over, man, I need that good Simmons shit, the freshest NFL picks weed. I pay my mortgage on Simmons picks! Jesus fucking Christ where are the… » 10/17/14 7:22pm 10/17/14 7:22pm

Bill Simmons Is Back

As of midnight, Bill Simmons's three-week suspension for criticizing Roger Goodell and daring ESPN to punish him is over. He returned with his NBA season preview, and a whole lot of questions about his future. » 10/15/14 10:17am 10/15/14 10:17am

Hey, Bill Simmons, Come Work For Us!

Bill Simmons's three-week suspension from ESPN ends on Wednesday, and there is already a lot of conjecture about how the suspension has affected his relationship with higher-ups at ESPN, and if he will stay with the network when his contract is up next year. He could stay at ESPN. He could go to Bleacher Report… » 10/09/14 3:06pm 10/09/14 3:06pm

Bill Simmons Is Just Maxin' And Relaxin' On His Instagram Account

It's been nine days since ESPN suspended Bill Simmons for going on a mildly profane and not-at-all edgy rant about NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. So what's Simmons been up to since then? Based on his Instagram account (which he is apparently not banned from using, unlike his Twitter account), it seems like he's… » 10/03/14 1:36pm 10/03/14 1:36pm

The Sports Guy Vs. ESPN: How Bill Simmons Lost Bristol

It was, he would later tell a confidant, like something out of The Godfather. Bill Simmons was meeting with two of the most powerful executives at ESPN, John Skipper and John Walsh, in a conference room in ESPN's then-unfinished Los Angeles office hard by the Staples Center. Within three years, this would be the… » 9/26/14 2:32pm 9/26/14 2:32pm

How Do Other Notable ESPN Suspensions Compare With Bill Simmons's?

ESPN dropped a three-week suspension TV personality and Grantland honcho Bill Simmons last night, somehow working that large stick even deeper into its collective anus. How does Simmons's punishment compare with other notable suspensions handed down by the ever-suspension-happy ESPN in the past? » 9/25/14 1:03pm 9/25/14 1:03pm

ESPN Suspends Bill Simmons Three Weeks Over Goodell Criticism

Bill Simmons practically begged ESPN to suspend him, and the oafish and epically tight-assed media behemoth did just that Wednesday night, giving him three weeks for coming to the same conclusion about NFL commissioner Roger Goodell that just about everyone in the thinking public has. » 9/24/14 7:27pm 9/24/14 7:27pm

Bill Simmons Will Host A Grantland TV Show On ESPN

Starting this October, ESPN will air what it's calling The Grantland Basketball Show in prime time—"the first Grantland-branded television series." Who wants to see Bill Simmons do his best Harvey Levin impersonation? » 8/12/14 3:31pm 8/12/14 3:31pm

Bill Simmons Reacts To Miami Acquiring Shabazz Napier

The Hornets drafted Shabazz Napier, promising to unite the UConn star with fellow Huskies alum Kemba Walker. Alas, Napier was quickly traded to the Miami Heat. This is Bill Simmons reacting to the trade, stating that he's "tired of teams helping Miami." » 6/26/14 10:18pm 6/26/14 10:18pm