Remember When Bill Simmons Wrote A Bunch Of Bullshit About O.J. Mayo And Kevin Love?

O.J. Mayo received an at-least-two-year ban from the NBA today, for repeat violations of the league’s anti-drug program. This is not exactly important news for the NBA, because O.J. Mayo is busted and terrible and probably was on a plane to China when the decision was made anyway. However, it’s an occasion to remember…

Bill Simmons Introduces Himself to HBO Viewers With Worst Bull Durham Speech Ever

A year after his rude ouster from ESPN, you’re about to get a whole shitload of Bill Simmons back in your life, both at The Ringer (set to formally debut next month, although they’re already pumping out vital “Is Tom Hiddleston A Superstar?” takes on Facebook) and with his new HBO show, Any Given Wednesday, which also…

ESPN Edited Curt Schilling Out Of An Airing Of The '04 Red Sox 30 For 30, And People Are Mad

Four Days in October is an ESPN 30 for 30 series film that first aired in 2010. It aired again yesterday, in slightly edited format, and dopey Red Sox fans teamed up with dopey conservatives to form a coalition of derp in protesting what they believed to be a conspiracy against recently fired analyst Curt Schilling.