Billy Gillispie Has Resigned As Texas Tech's Basketball Coach

You already knew he wouldn't be back, and now the official word out of Lubbock is that Gillispie—recently hospitalized for high blood pressure and stress—wants to focus on his health. The Red Raiders went 1-17 in the Big 12 in his lone season in charge (two years removed from his spectacular flameout at Kentucky), and… » 9/20/12 7:15pm 9/20/12 7:15pm

Lute Olson, Billy Gillispie (And Other College Coaches You Probably Hate) Appear To Have Lost Lots In Ponzi Scheme

College coaches are probably paid too much, especially when you consider how much—nothing—players make. John Calipari just got a deal for $36.5 million. Jim Calhoun resents being asked about why he's the highest-paid state employee of Connecticut. » 7/19/11 8:30pm 7/19/11 8:30pm