And We'll End The First Day Of The ESPN Book Freakout With This Little…

"Deadspin editor A.J. Daulerio felt he couldn't handle spending the entire day cozying to ESPN's big kahunas, so he dispatched "Blazer Girl," the blog's answer to Lois Lane, to cover the event. If Daulerio is hoping she will go all Woodward and Bernstein on ESPN, however, he's going to be disappointed; Blazer Girl… » 5/18/11 8:15pm 5/18/11 8:15pm

LeGarette Blount's Punching Problem

First there was this one. Then there was this one. Now, College Football Talk reveals another time Blount's temper was channeled through his fists. There's a good chance Blount's first career rushing stat in the NFL will be for -15 yards. [PFT/CFT] » 8/20/10 11:40am 8/20/10 11:40am

"Balzer" Girl Just Doesn't Have The Same Ring To It

Because no one reads the newspaper, and SportsCenter's anchors are too perky for this early in the morning, Deadspin combs the best of the broadsheets and the blogosphere to bring you everything you need to know to start your day » 4/29/10 8:30am 4/29/10 8:30am

Ducks Cheerleader Full Of Liquid Cheer

The inimitable Blazer Girl points us (very specifically) to an Oregon freshman cheerleader who got herself a DUI over the weekend. That's her, second from left. Say hi! [Register-Guard] » 3/03/10 2:50pm 3/03/10 2:50pm

What Weirdos Are Coming To Deadspin

Every once in a while I'll pop into Google Analytics to see what brings people to the site. Some are easily explained ("Tiger Woods Accident"); others, not so much ("andrei kirilenko masha woman (sleep or bed or sex)"). Observe. » 12/13/09 2:40pm 12/13/09 2:40pm

The One Where Sweaty Will Leitch Startles A Man

We get a massive amount of tips in our inbox each week. Some are pretty interesting, but don't get published for one reason or another. » 9/04/09 2:40pm 9/04/09 2:40pm

Chinese Also Befuddled By "Pioneer Girl"

Even though many angry people voiced their displeasure with Blazer Girl's appearances on Deadspin, one newspaper has been wowed by her brazenness and her hatred of all things Los Angeles. Pioneer Girl to the rescue. » 9/03/09 3:38am 9/03/09 3:38am

You're With Me, Star

A Deadspin operative in Bristol sends us this photo from ESPN's new walk of fame. "Berman has his own star," the tipster writes, "and I think I saw Bob Ley spit on it as he walked to the ESPN Cafeteria." » 9/01/09 6:45pm 9/01/09 6:45pm

The Adventures Of Blazer Girl In Bristol

Blazer Girl recently toured ESPN's Bristol compound as part of the network's 30th anniversary celebration. She encountered several strange and frightening plastic creatures. She also encountered the decoy coyotes. Her photos and a full report. » 8/30/09 8:30pm 8/30/09 8:30pm

Blazer Girl In The Land Of The Plastic Coyote

These are the notorious decoy coyotes of ESPN, propped up by The Worldwide Leader In Bird Control to scare off nesting geese and captured here in terrifying synthetic predation, like Steve Phillips in those fake press conferences. » 8/28/09 6:55pm 8/28/09 6:55pm

The One With A Drunk Gunslinger And More Irrational Anger

We get a massive amount of tips in our inbox each week. Some are pretty interesting, but don't get published for one reason or another. » 8/28/09 1:59pm 8/28/09 1:59pm

And This Is When They Fell In Love

I spent part of this morning in Bristol, Connecticut trying to get young Blazer Girl acclimated to the surroundings so she wouldn't be overwhelmed, but she appears to be doing just fine on her own. » 8/27/09 5:30pm 8/27/09 5:30pm

Blazer Girl To The Rescue: Hello, Deadspin

Meet Blazer Girl. Her name's Cathryn White, and she's a senior at Oregon. She's here to judge how you support your teams. If you spot fans embarrassing themselves by wearing ridiculously awful team gear let her know. Rip City, baby. » 6/05/09 12:30pm 6/05/09 12:30pm