Rejoice! Alonzo Mourning Says "Who Wants To Sex Mutombo?" Happened!

Today is a great day! It's been almost a year since Dikembe Mutombo went on Highly Questionable and shot down one of the greatest urban legends in sports, denying that he ever walked into a club and shouted, "Who wants to sex Mutombo?" Today, those of us who have held on to the hope that Mutombo was lying have been… »3/26/15 5:39pm3/26/15 5:39pm

In 10 Minutes, ESPN's Bomani Jones Lays Waste To The Sterling Issue

I could delve deeper into some of the points Bomani Jones made yesterday on the Dan Le Batard Show, about how fundamentally silly this whole Donald Sterling affair sounds when you really listen to what's being said, about how exasperating it is for those of us who see the everyday effects of race to have to deal with… »4/29/14 10:37am4/29/14 10:37am

A Hank Williams Jr. Discussion Turned ESPN's OTL Into The Morton Downey Jr. Show

I mean, I think this conversation was about Hank Williams Jr. It was less than a minute old when Paul Finebaum, an Alabama radio personality, said Dave Zirin had uttered the "single stupidest [statement] [he's] ever heard in the history of this program." After that, Bomani Jones made some hilarious faces as the… »10/06/11 5:46pm10/06/11 5:46pm

Just Because I Want One More Opportunity to Run This Photo....

There were plenty of concerned emails from readers after the Rick's Cabaret fiasco »11/13/08 6:45pm11/13/08 6:45pm, but none were as well-intentioned and thorough as the one from , friend of Deadspin and self-proclaimed strip club expert: Read Bomani's helpful guide after the jump....Once upon a time, I wrote for ESPN.com's Page 2. After Pacman (ne…