Deadspin I-Team: Is The "Boom Goes The Dynamite" Guy Joining The Army?

His name is Brian Collins. He is the unfortunate soul above that we have come to know and love. First, he was a student sportscaster at Ball State University. Then, he worked at a television station in Waco, Texas, and eventually Alexandria, Minnesota. We thought the last chapter in his story was this display of… » 11/05/11 2:00pm 11/05/11 2:00pm

Boom Goes The Student Sportscast: America East Report Is Uncomfortable, Hilarious

There is a lot going on in this America East basketball report from the University of Hartford's student-run TV station — so much, even, that tipster Christopher declares it "the next boom goes the dynamite." There's no instant catchphrase in this 30-minute segment (we've cut it down to the real highlights, but the… » 3/09/11 4:45pm 3/09/11 4:45pm

Brian Collins' Career Finally Gets A Boom

Brian Collins, the flustered college sportscaster thrust into internet infamy thanks to his woeful " Boom Goes The Dynamite! » 8/21/08 11:30am 8/21/08 11:30am" display, has finally seen his hard work and humiliation pay off for him in the best way possible — an actual on-air job. The 2008 Ball State graduate has apparently latched on full-time with…