David Green: The Story Behind My Bombing Photo Of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Last year was the first time David Green, CEO of a sports compression company 110% Play Harder, had run the Boston Marathon. The Ironman and ultra-endurance athlete had just crossed the finish line and was walking to meet some friends when the first bomb went off, then the second. He took a picture. It just so… »4/19/14 8:06pm4/19/14 8:06pm

Victims Of The Boston Marathon Bombing Begin Divvying $61 Million

America, on occasion you really take care of your own. After the Boston Marathon bombing, people and companies pulled together more than $60 million that's now being disbursed to 232 people who were hurt or killed in the attack and its aftermath. Two double amputees and the families of four people who died (three in… »6/29/13 1:28pm6/29/13 1:28pm

Three More Arrested In Connection With Boston Marathon Bombings

Federal authorities have reportedly arrested three college students in connection with the Boston Marathon bombings. A source told the Globe that the three new suspects "helped" Dzhokhar Tsarnaev after the attack, and NBC's Pete Williams is reporting that they were his roommates at UMass Dartmouth. [] »5/01/13 11:50am5/01/13 11:50am

The Boston Bombing Suspects' Final Day On The Run: A Reconstruction

One week ago, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev killed a police officer, engaged in a massive shootout that wounded another and left Tamerlan dead, and set off a manhunt that put Boston on lockdown. Many of the initial reports were a confused jumble, and we're only now able to recreate the Tsarnaevs' movements and… »4/26/13 3:53pm4/26/13 3:53pm

The First Photos Of The Boston Bombing Suspects' Shootout With Police

Andrew Kitzenberg lives on Laurel Street, in Watertown, Mass. On Friday morning, just before 1 a.m., he heard a series of pops from outside his window. The Boston Marathon bombing suspects, Tamarlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, were engaging in a wild shootout with police. Kitzenberg's Twitter account was essential reading… »4/23/13 9:31am4/23/13 9:31am

The New York Times spoke to 19 people who were near the Boston Marathon finish line at the time of t

The New York Times spoke to 19 people who were near the Boston Marathon finish line at the time of the explosions. It's an extraordinary and sad collection. From Debi Caprio, a 50-year-old nurse from Rockland, Mass.: "I said out loud, 'This is how my life is going to end.'" Check it out. »4/22/13 2:35pm4/22/13 2:35pm

The Tsarnaev Brothers Allegedly Followed 9/11 Conspiracies Online

The world had to wait a half hour, max, for people to speculate that the Boston Marathon bombing was a “false flag,” i.e., a disaster manufactured by the government and pinned on someone else for political ends. Among the first to apply his apparent omniscience and determine, based on virtually no facts, that the… »4/20/13 5:21pm4/20/13 5:21pm