Neymar Given Two-Match Suspension For Shenanigans After Colombia Loss

Colombia beat Brazil 1-0 last night in the Copa América, Los Cafeteros’ first win over the South American giants since 1991. But instead of the impressiveness of the feat (and Brazil’s continued struggles) taking center stage, the kerfuffle that broke out after the final whistle has overshadowed the game. »6/18/15 4:11pm6/18/15 4:11pm

Neymar, Brazil's Soccer Messiah, Is Somehow Surpassing His Own Hype

A fundamental part of the marvel that is LeBron James is the sheer madness of his journey. Here is a man who was on the cover of national magazines and playing in front of millions on cable TV as a high schooler, who by the time he was eligible to vote was already being hailed as the successor to quite possibly the… »6/15/15 3:53pm6/15/15 3:53pm

Will An Innovative Approach To World Cup Training Pay Off For Brazil?

You probably remember this moment triumphantly, but Brazilians certainly don’t. The quarterfinal matchup at the 2011 World Cup between Brazil and the United States went into extra time, and Marta scored just two minutes in. The Americans, down a woman since a 65th minute red card, assaulted the goal for a half hour to… »6/08/15 3:22pm6/08/15 3:22pm

Report: Marketing Firm Owns Rights To Select Brazil National Team Squad

It probably doesn’t surprise anyone to know that Brazil’s corrupt soccer federation engaged in corrupt behavior, but these newly released documents are pretty alarming. According to Brazilian paper Estadão, the federation sold all sorts of the Seleção’s economic rights to a marketing firm, including final say on who… »5/19/15 3:00pm5/19/15 3:00pm

Brazil's World Cup Stadiums Were A Colossal Waste Of Money

One of the major concerns of the Brazilian people in the run-up to last summer’s World Cup was the prudence of a financially-troubled nation spending hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars on stadiums. The stadiums were criticized for their opulence, their number, and their location. As it turns out, the critics… »5/12/15 2:49pm5/12/15 2:49pm

Brazilian Legends Pelé And Coutinho Are Terrible At (Video Game) Soccer

What do you get when you give maybe the greatest soccer player of all time and his old strike partner a couple controllers, a soccer video game, and point a camera at them? Pretty much the same level of cluelessness if I gave the same tools to my grandpa. But hey, at least they have fun with how much they suck! »12/10/14 2:56pm12/10/14 2:56pm

How To Dumbfound Two Defenders With One Dribble, By Brazil's Willian

You see this little move right here, where Willian drags the ball one way with the outside of his boot, before that lightning-quick flick of the foot in the other direction, nudging the ball in the opposite direction of where he was moving while completely freezing the two Turkish defenders? Yeah, this is an elastico. »11/12/14 5:03pm11/12/14 5:03pm