Brett Myers and The Philadelphia Police Department Welcome you To…

So here's a fun photo taken in the early morning hours after the decisive game 5, when Phillies pitcher Brett Myers was stopped by Philly police officers after he attempted to cross over a blocked off portion of Broad Street. At first Myers was told he couldn't pass, but once several officers recognized him, they… » 11/03/08 6:30pm 11/03/08 6:30pm

Loaded Feature Stories That Make It Abundantly Clear Why Newspapers…

Yes, that's Brett Myers, Phillies number two pitcher, who many of you only know as the man who punched his wife in the face outside a Boston bar back in June of 2006 » 10/29/08 11:15am 10/29/08 11:15am. Given his penchant for violence and , it would seem completely ridiculous for a newspaper to do a feature story on Myers' part-time hobby: But that's…

Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley: Where Wife-Punching Pitchers Go To Die

Phillies opening day starter Brett Myers, has thrown his last high fastball up in the zone at the major league level for a little while. The Phillies, fed up with his putridity, have decided to send Myers down to the minors, in a last ditch effort to salvage his once formidable arm. » 7/01/08 5:30pm 7/01/08 5:30pm

It's Always Sunny In San Francisco, Apparently

Philadelphia pitcher Brett Myers, everybody's favorite wife flattener, returned to the Phillies yesterday for a game against the Giants in San Francisco. Before the game, he had given a statement apologizing for his actions and saying he was getting counseling. It sounded sincere enough that you would almost believe… » 7/17/06 12:45pm 7/17/06 12:45pm

Phillies Owner Says Myers' Wife Is A Damned Liar

It was a mistake, as they later admitted, for the Phillies to allow Brett Myers to pitch just two days after he was arrested for punching his wife in the face on a crowded Boston street. But a bigger mistake, we think, might be the team's owner claiming that Myers' wife is a liar. Quoth Bill Giles, one of the Phillies' … » 7/11/06 4:15pm 7/11/06 4:15pm