Brian Urlacher Is Getting Really Tired Of Chicago Fans Booing The Bears

The Packers rolled into Chicago and clinched the NFC North, in a game that nearly wasn't as close as the score makes it seem. It was Green Bay's sixth straight win over the Bears, their ninth in the last 11, and hell—Bears fans have long memories—their 31st in the last 45 dating back two decades. Meanwhile Chicago has… »12/17/12 4:40pm12/17/12 4:40pm

Brian Urlacher Congratulates The Texans On Picking Off Jay Cutler: Sunday Night Football, In One GIF

Houston 13, Chicago 6: It was wet and miserable tonight at Soldier Field, and the score reflected it. The game wasn't altogether boring—the Bears had a chance to tie or win on their last possession—but they did not. Six turnovers later (four the Bears, two for the Texans) and what this game will be remembered for, if… »11/11/12 11:45pm11/11/12 11:45pm

Brian Urlacher's Grudging Praise For Tebow: "He's A Good Running Back"

After the Bears blew a 10-0 lead in the final two-and-a-half minutes to fall to the almighty Tebow, Chicago LB Brian Urlacher was asked what he thought about the Denver QB: "He's a good running back, man," Urlacher told Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune. "He runs the ball well." High praise. [@BradBiggs] »12/12/11 2:30pm12/12/11 2:30pm

Tingling Sensations: From The Stands At Ford Field, Watching My Former NFL Teammate Get Knocked Out Of A Game

DETROIT—I'm here to see my friend Tony Scheffler play. He's a tight end for the Lions and my last, best connection to a modern NFL that churns through players too quickly to catch. This is my third season out of the league; sometimes, it feels like no one I played with is still playing. But of the few who are, several… »10/13/11 4:35pm10/13/11 4:35pm