Fare Thee Well, Carlos Marmol And Your Extreme Aversion To Contact

Every baseball team has its pitcher—generally a reliever—who could really be something if he someday put it all together. He invariably has a big fastball, and a secondary pitch that toggles between "unhittable" and "so hittable it might as well have been tossed underhand by Coach Fred at little-league practice." He… » 6/25/13 2:25pm 6/25/13 2:25pm

Carlos Marmol Leaves Team To Be With Wife (Not Pictured: His Wife)

Cub reliever Carlos Marmol is taking a leave of absence from his day job to fly to New York, as his wife is scheduled to give birth there this week. So then who was the very non-pregnant "female companion" he was snuggling with two weeks ago? » 5/26/09 3:30pm 5/26/09 3:30pm