The Moment A D-I Basketball Coach Stumbled Out Of A Crackhouse

In 1986, Kevin Mackey led the Cleveland State men's basketball team to a stunning upset victory over Bob Knight's Indiana Hoosiers in the NCAA tournament. Four years later, he came wobbling out of a Cleveland crackhouse into the waiting arms of the police. The local news station was also there, capturing the whole… » 4/08/14 6:49pm 4/08/14 6:49pm

They Saved The Goofy Games For Friday Night

I had this well-thought out screed about how the first round was about as scintillating as a Mennonite snuff film. I had to tear it up and deposit it in a UNICEF box. » 3/21/09 12:35am 3/21/09 12:35am

NCAA Tournament Live Blog: (4) Wake Forest Vs. (13) Cleveland State

Your live bloggers for this game will be 3:10 to Joba. Like the actual Joba, he will be relieved halfway through by longtime Deadspin commenter chilltown. » 3/20/09 10:53pm 3/20/09 10:53pm

NCAA First Round: (4) Wake Forest vs. (13) Cleveland State

Midwest Region: No. 4 Wake Forest (24-6) vs. No. 13 Cleveland State (25-10)
When: Friday, 9:40 p.m., EDT
Where: American Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida


1) James Johnson knows the Crane Technique Note to tournament teams: don't fight James Johnson. James, 21-0 in his fighting career, is the… » 3/20/09 8:15am 3/20/09 8:15am